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Catalin Eye Drops

Brand names: Catalin, Clarvisan
Generic name: Pirenoxine
Manufacturer: Takeda

Senile cataract, Diabetic cataract

Dissolve a tablet in 15 mL of the solvent. A clear yellow ophthalmic solution is obtained. Instil 1-2 drops of the prepared solution into the eye 5 times daily.

Preparation and Administration: Dissolve 1 tab in 15 mL of the solvent before application. The tablet should not be touched directly in order to prevent contamination.

Remove the white cap of the bottle. Break the tablet package. Place tablet into the bottle without directly touching the tablet. Re-cap bottle tightly and shake well to dissolve the tablet. Before application, remove the brown cap. Instil into the eye. The tip should not come in contact with the eye.

Pirenoxine is a preparation of 1-hydroxy-5-oxo-5H-pyrido(3,2-α)-phenoxazine-3-carboxylic acid, a compound having a chemical structure similar to xanthommatin, an eye pigment of the insect, with a pyridophenoxazone nucleus.

The solvent is isotonic, buffered solution containing 0.02% methylparaben, 0.01% propylparaben and 0.0001% thimerosal as preservatives.

Mechanism of action
Though the pathogenesis of cataract has not yet been clearly determined, conversion of water-soluble protein in the lens to insoluble protein by quinone substances produced as the result of abnormal metabolism of aromatic amino acid, is said to be responsible for cataract according to "Quinoid Theory" established as the result of biochemical study on lens protein in the Dept. of Ophthalmology, Osaka University Medical School. Pirenoxine is found to competitively inhibit the action of the quinone substances. Extensive experiments, both basic and clinical, have proven that this agent prevents the progress of cataract.

Ophthalmic soln 0.75 mg/tab x 15 mL x 1's.

Keep all medicines in a safe place and out of the reach of children!

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