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Brand Names: Effortil, Buracard
Generic name:
Etilefrine HCl

An adrenergic agonist that appears to interact with beta-2 and some alpha adrenergic receptors. It is used as a vasoconstrictor agent. 

Hypotensive states.

Adult: As hydrochloride: 5 or 10 mg three times daily. Modified-release dosage form: 25 mg once or twice daily.

Preexisting hypertension; occlusive vascular disease; pheochromocytoma; angle-closure glaucoma (eye drops); hypersensitivity; cardiac arrhythmias.

Special Precautions:
Cardiovascular diseases; hyperthyroidism; diabetes mellitus; Parkinson's disease; elderly; pregnancy, lactation.

Adverse Drug Reactions:
Central nervous system effects; Gastrointestinal disturbances; epigastric pain; Cardiovascular disorders; difficulty in micturition with urinary retention; dyspnoea; hyperglycaemia; sweating; hypersalivation; weakness, tremors; coldness of extremities; hypokalaemia; palpitations; tachycardia and arrhythmias. Gangrene.

Drug Interactions:
Halogenated inhalation anaesthetics; - or a-blocking agents; methyldopa, guanethidine; drugs with vasoconstrictor and pressor effects; antihypertensives; adrenergic neuron blockers; potassium-depleting drugs; cardiac glycosides; ephedra, yohimbe. TCAs may induce HTN and arrhythmia.


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