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Brand names: Brinerdin
Generic name: Clopamide, Dihydroergocristine, Reserpine
Manufacturer: Novartis

Each tablet contains:
Clopamide 5 mg; Dihydroergocristine 0.5 mg; Reserpine 0.1 mg

Essential hypertension of all grades of severity.

Initially 1 tab daily. Severe hypertension 2-3 tabs daily, increase dose stepwise at 1-2 weeks intervals. Maintenance: 1 tab daily or every other day.

Should be taken on an empty stomach

Hypersensitivity to components & to sulfonamides; hypokalemia resistant to therapy, severe liver or renal disorders; severe coronary insufficiency, recent myocardial
infarction, advanced arteriosclerosis; history of mental depression, electroconvulsive therapy; active peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis, pregnancy & lactation.

Special precautions
Diabetes, gout, check potassium levels, impaired kidney function; increased sensitivity of elderly to effects of diuretics; when driving vehicle or operating machinery.

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Carisoma 350 mg, 90 tabs

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