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Brand Name: Brevoxyl
Generic Name:
Benzoyl peroxide
Manufacturer: Stiefel

Brevoxyl 4% Cream 10g

See also Benzac AC (same ingredient)

Brevoxyl contains benzoyl peroxide 4% in a modern water based cream, for the tropical treatment of mild to moderate acne. Efficacy of a topical retinoid or antibiotic with the mildness of a 2.5% BPO.

  • Fast response
  • Low irritation
  • Will not promote antibiotic resistance
  • Non-greasy
  • Colour free

    All acne involves a blockage & a build up of bacteria. Both must be resolved for any treatment to be effective.
    There is no point in clearing the blockage without removing the bacteria or vice versa. The acne will simply not disappear.

    The only OTC preparations capable of treating both blockage & bacteria are those including benzoyl peroxide.

    The most sophisticated of these is BREVOXYL: a uniquely formulated water based cream which will remove the blockage & kill the bacteria. And it works fast!

    This is particularly important to teens who always want rapid improvement when acne strikes.

  • Active Ingredients:
    4% w/w benzoyl peroxide in an aqueous base.


    Apply a small amount of cream to the affected area once or twice a day. Washing prior to application greatly enhances the efficacy of the preparation.

    A mild burning may be felt on first application and a moderate reddening and peeling of the skin will occur within a few days.

    If excessive skin irritation occurs discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth & other mucous membranes.
    May bleach hair and dyed fabrics. For external use only.


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