11 natural and home remedies for erectile dysfunction

Here are 11 effective natural remedies for ED.

There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction, including natural and home remedy options such as Ginseng and reducing alcohol intake. Are any of them effective, and are they safe for long-term use?

ED is a common problem that affects men from time to time.

Physical or psychological reasons, including problems with blood flow or anxiety over sexual function, can cause erectile dysfunction (ED).

Erectile dysfunction is common among men. If it often occurs and interferes with your daily activities, you may want to consider trying different therapies.

This article covers different ED treatments, including natural remedies, alternatives, and prescription medications. It also looks at their risks.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction: How to treat erect

Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs when there isn’t enough circulation to the penis. Knowing its causes helps doctors determine which treatment options might be best for their patients.

Some people experience erectile dysfunction for no apparent reason; however, there may be an associated medical condition. If so, treating the disease might improve sexual function. People can increase blood flow by exercising regularly, stopping tobacco use, and changing their diet.

Doctors may also prescribe prescription ED drugs, such as Viagra.

Stress, relationships, or emotional issues, such as anxiety, stress, or trauma, can also cause ED. Treating mental health conditions and working through relationships can help.

People sometimes use OTC products, herbal supplements, and acupuncture.

Understanding the risks involved with ED treatment options, including natural remedies, is essential. However, FDA approval for these options has yet to be granted.

You should see a doctor if you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Read more about ED pills here.

Natural remedies

Many natural treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) are available at pharmacies and online, but none have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The FDATrusted Source

The Urology Care Founda­tion says that although dietary supplement products may be cheap and sometimes even more affordable than prescription medications, they’re not always safe or effective.

Natural treatments for erectile dysfunction vary widely in their effectiveness. Many have serious side effects.

Additionally, a 2014 study found that people who were exposed to

Here are some common natural remedies used by men who have erectile dysfunction (ED):


Arginines are amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. They’re vasodilators, so they can help open up the arteries and veins. In theory, this might improve circulation to the penis and help get you off.

A study from 2017 shows that people who use social media tend

Despite these findings, there has been no proof that L-arginine supplementation can help men with erectile dysfunction. Additional research is needed to determine whether this supplement is safe and effective for treating ED.

  • Taking L-Argininne alongside prescription ED drugs, including Viagra, can cause blood pressure to fall too low. It can cause headaches or flushes.
  • L-Arginine side effects may include nausea, cramping, lowering your systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number) pressure, and increasing your glucose level.


A 2004 study TrustedSourcediabetes discovered that combining propionyl-L carnitine (PLC) with sildenafil may be more effective at treating ED than sildenafil alone.

More research must be done before we can say whether this treatment is safe and effective.

Side effects are usually minor and can involve a rash, nausea, diarrhea and heartburn. However, some side effects can occur if you have certain medical conditions.


DHEA helps create sex hormones, especially testosterone and estrogen. As people age, their natural DHEA levels decline, which may lead to a decreased ability to produce these hormones and, thus, lower libido.

show that eating eggs for breakfast may be associated with an increased

When taken orally, DHEA usually doesn’t cause any severe side-effect. However, some people may experience mild side-effects like headaches, acne, and an occasional irregular heartbeat.


Ginkgo Biloba may increase blood circulation to the penis, which might help enhance sexual desire and counteract erectile dysfunction.

NCCIH is a trusted source of health information.

Side effects of this product include headaches, dizziness (sometimes), nausea, heartburn, and constipation.

It can also increase your chances of developing bleeding, which may be dangerous for people who take medications that cause bleeding, including Coumadin (warfarin) or people with other bleeding disorders.


Ginseng, or Panax ginseng, has been used for centuries to help relax the body’s smooth muscle tissues. It’s believed that certain chemicals in this herb may stimulate the production of blood flow to the penis, which may lead to erections.

Insomnia is one of the most common side effects of CBD oil. Other side effects include increased heart rate, high or low blood pressure, and headache.

Ginseng has been used for centuries to promote energy and vitality.


Yohimbe, the main ingredient in an African tree’s bark, is a traditional aphrodisiac.

The NCCIHTrusted Source

Yohimbe is an extract of the African tree Pausinystalia Yohimbe. It is used medically to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).

Yohimbe has been associated with severe side-effect including heart attacks and seizures. Other side-effect includes stomach problems, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

Horny goat weed

Horny goat weed, also called Epimedium grandiflorum, has been used traditionally to increase male sexual performance.

This supplement is safe when used correctly, but there needs to be more evidence to suggest that it works. Common side effects may be nausea, vomiting, irregular heart rate, and dry mouth.

Home remedies

If you’re concerned about erectile dysfunction, certain activities or lack thereof can cause it. For example, people who haven’t yet adopted the following health habits might want to consider doing so.

Regular exercise

Exercise can help improve erectile dysfunction by helping to lower blood pressure, increase blood flow, boost mood, and improve stamina. It is also helpful in maintaining good overall physical fitness.

Here’s an overview of the best exercises for erectile dysfunction (ED).

A healthy diet

A healthy eating plan keeps the circulatory system and your entire body healthy. It lowers the risks of heart disease, blocked blood vessels, obesity, and diabetes—all of which increase the chances of erectile dysfunction.

Find out about foods for erectile dysfunction here.

Cut down on smoking and drinking.

Smoking is a significant cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). Excessive drinking can also affect your ability to achieve an erection.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Health.

Reduce stress

Stress and depression can cause sexual dysfunction. Common causes of stress include health, relationship, work, and financial issues.

Check out these articles for some tips on reducing your anxiety levels naturally.

Alternative therapies

Alternative therapies, such as acupuncture or yoga, might be helpful for some men who experience erectile dysfunction (ED). But no studies show whether these treatments actually work for this problem.

Placebo effects may help people feel better even when they get no treatment.

Prescription drugs

These prescription medications may help treat erectile dysfunction by increasing blood circulation to the genitals. 

 Drugs called PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitory agents relax the muscles in the penile region to increase blood flow.

Some side effects of prescription erectile dysfunction medications can include the following:

Some prescription medications may be dangerous for some people, especially if they have external blood pressure, high blood pressure, or liver or renal disease.

Nitrates should be avoided by people taking nitrate-based prescription medicines.

Talking therapies

Your psychological or emotional state can affect your sex life, especially if you have erectile dysfunction (ED).

Mental health issues, including major depressive disorder (MDD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), alcohol use disorders, and substance abuse disorders, may negatively impact one’s ability to engage in healthy sex lives.

Talking to someone with experience dealing with these issues can help overcome them.

There are various mental health resources available online.

ED devices

Various physical tools may help men obtain and keep erections, including vacuum machines, penile traction rings, and even surgical implants.

Here’s some additional info on ED devices and other treatments.

If you’ve been experiencing any symptoms for longer than two weeks

If you’re having trouble keeping an erection for long periods, talk to your doctor.

People who don’t want to seek medical advice from their doctors may wish to try home cures, such as regular exercise and reducing drinking and tobacco use. They may also prefer talking to a mental healthcare professional and trying talk therapies for ED.

It is essential to understand that there are risks associated with using ED medication and natural remedies to treat erectile dysfunction. A person should always consult their physician before treating erectile dysfunction.

Commonly asked questions about ED.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about ED.

What foods help with erectile dysfunction?

There are no foods that help specifically with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Nevertheless, eating a varied and healthy diet may help prevent certain conditions associated with erectile dysfunction.

Find out more about food and ED at this link.

Are there any benefits from taking vitamin supplements for erectile dysfunction?

It appears that specific vitamins may be helpful for erectile dysfunction (ED). However, additional research is needed.

Furthermore, supplements may not be able to prevent erectile dysfunction (ED) unless there is an underlying vitamin deficiency.

Check out these articles for more info on vitamins and ED.

What can I do if I’m having trouble obtaining prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction?

You need a medical professional’s approval before using an erectile dysfunction (ED) drug. But you can get a telemedicine appointment instead of seeing a physician.

You shouldn’t buy drugs online without seeing a doctor first.

Read more about buying Viagra from an online pharmacy here.


There are many treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED), and the best ones depend on the underlying causes.

Before taking any new supplements or prescription drugs, people should always consult their doctor first. They may cause side ­effectssuch as interactions with existing medications that could be dangerous.

It is important to remember that the FDA does not approve OTR medication, so people should use prescription drugs instead of trying OTC ED meds. People should speak with their doctors about alternative treatment options to avoid side effects.


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