ANDARINE 25mg (GTX007+ S-4) 50 pills


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Ingredients: GTX007+ S-4
Manufacturer: SARMs COMBO



Andarine (GTX007, S-4)

Help reduce HDL and has the ability to repair the bone fracture, promote bones and muscle development, thereby preventing muscle loss.

What is Andarine (GTX007, S-4)

GTx-007 (S-4) is an orally active and selective nonsteroidal androgen receptor (AR) modulator (SARM) with a


Ki of 4 nM. GTx-007 (S-4) was discovered to be a SARM with strong and tissue-specific in vivo pharmacological action. [1]

How Andarine Works

Andarine binds to androgen receptor proteins in the body. When Andarine attaches to these receptors, it signals the body’s muscles and bones to develop. Andarine does not appear to have as many adverse effects in other body regions as other drugs that bind to androgen receptors, such as steroids. [2]d in a white HDPE plastic bottle.

Andarine Dosage



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