Cernos 40 mg Softgel (Testosterone Undecanoate)


Drug Name Cernos 40 mg Softgel
Shipping time  7-14 days
Salt/Generic Testosterone Undecanoate
Uses Hypogonadism
Strength 40 mg
Manufacturer Sun Pharma Laboratories

Cernos 40 mg Softgel (Testosterone Undecanoate) helps the body to develop and maintain male sexual characteristics (masculinity), such as a deep voice and body hair. It also helps to maintain muscle and prevent bone loss and is needed for natural sexual ability/desire.


What is Cernos 40 mg? | What is Testosterone Undecanoate?

Cernos 40mg is the brand for an oral capsule that contains synthetic Testerone (Testo) that should be taken orally. It’s available in two forms: undecanoic acid (Undecanoate), the active agent, and decanedioic acid (Decanoate). Decanoate is inactive but helps with absorption.

Cernos 40mg is made by a well-known pharmaceutical company called Sun Pharma. This compound is similar to some of the best-selling brands of testosterone undecanoate, which are available in capsule forms.

There aren’t any significant differences between Aveed and Andro or Cernos because they all come in soft gel capsules. The main differences are that they come from different manufacturers and therefore their prices differ. However, customers usually save much money on cernos over other testosterone boosters because of their low cost.

Cernos is available in packs of 30 tablets; each contains 40 milligrams of testosterone undecanoate, which is of a very high grade. It may also be delivered through injections, but most men prefer taking the pills.

All these steroids offer synthetic Testosterone, but they differ in their esters and, therefore, different delivery times and half-livers.

Testosterone undecanoate is one of the most commonly prescribed forms of Testosterone because it has a long half-life and provides a slower absorption rate than other testosterone compounds. It is often given to men who want to improve their muscle mass and strength.

Cernos Half-Life | Testosterone Undecanoate Half Life

According to research, Testo­sterone Undecanoate (Cernos) offers the most prolonged half-lives among all synthetic testosterones. However, Testo­sterrone Undecanoate (Testim) has been reported to provide a half-live for up to 14 days.

Longer half-life has pros and cons; however, people choose the best suits their needs.

Cernos Effectiveness | What is Testosterone Undecanoate Used For?

Cernos is a highly high-grade compound offering synthetic Testosterone for oral administration. It provides pure Testosterone that is of the highest grade and therefore is highly effective no matter the reason you need to take it.

The compounds work just like any other testosterone booster – by increasing the testosterone level. When the person is getting an increase in Testosterone, these things could be good (if taken correctly), alarming (if taken incorrectly), or neutral (if taken at the right time).

Testosterone undecanoate (TU) is usually prescribed for treating low testosterone levels in men, but it is also effective for treating many other medical issues.

Bodybuilders need creatine monohydrate because it helps them build muscle mass and increases their strength. It improves nutrient delivery and increases protein synthesis.

People who use Cernos can significantly improve their bodybuilding, athletic performances, and people with low testosterone levels could benefit from this medication.

Cernos 40 mg Administration | Testosterone Undecanoate Dosage

Cernos, available in oral tablets, contains 40 milligrams of TU (Testo­sterone Undecanoate). It has been stated that TU offers a very long half-live; therefore, you can use it less often than other forms of Testo­sterone.

Once-a-week maintenance or even twice a month (although some people recommend once a week) would be sufficient for achieving steady blood sugar levels.

The dose varies depending on the desired result (shredding vs. bulk). Usually, people take between 200 milligrams and 1 gram per day.

It depends on what steroid is being stacked and which dosages are being taken. Testosterone stacks exceptionally well with nearly any steroid, including Deca, Trenbolone, Winstrol, and almost anything else.

Cernos Side Effects | Testosterone Undecanoate Side Effects

Cernos contain Testosterone Undecanoic Acid, an esterified form of Testosterone, just like every other esterified form. It works by increasing Testosterone.

As long as you follow these guidelines, side effects will be minimal.

If you’re taking Cernos for any reason, some serious risks are associated with its use. These include water retention; depression; high blood pressure; gynecomastias; androgenic (masculinizing) symptoms, including aggression, acne, hair thinning, oily skin, etc.; and low testosterone levels.

You may also experience some side-effect from taking too much Testosterone. These include increased estrogen levels; tiredness; insomnia; decreased blood pressure; reduced heart rate; lower cholesterol levels; and natural testosterone production reduction.

Get Cernos 40 mg For Sale | Where to Buy Testosterone Undecanoate?

Cernos 40mg, made by Sun Pharma, is a high-quality product offering Testo­sterone Undecanoate at a meager price. It’s the same thing as Aveed or Andro­l, two well-known testosterone undecanoate products available in the market. They are much more expensive, though.

The individual is paying an affordable price for receiving a high-grade Testo­sterone Undecanoate supplement that will work wonders for anyone who needs to boost their testosterone levels. Buy Cernos 40, and you’d never regret it!


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