Restasis 0.05%, 0.4 ml x 30 vials


Price/Vials: $4.13
Generic Name: Cyclosporine Opthalmic Emulsion
Manufacturer: Allegran

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Brand names: Restasis

Generic name: Cyclosporine Opthalmic Emulsion

Manufacturer: Allergan

Content: Each vial contains 0.4 ml, 0.05%

Restasis Information

Cyclosporine is a commonly known immuno-suppressive agent, and it is one of the main ingredients of Restasis. This makes this medical product highly effective in reducing unpleasant symptoms such as eye inflammation. You should ask your ophthalmologist for further information regarding this subject.

Restasis Indications

Some ophthalmologists approve of Restasis as their main drug of choice in the therapy against the chronic type of eye dryness. The cause of this unpleasant symptom may be eye inflammation. If you want to know more about this medical product, carefully read the drug’s leaflet or contact your health care specialist.

Restasis Warnings

You must not let the dropper touch your hands, or even your eyes in order to avoid an unwanted contamination. If you are suffering from an allergic reaction to any of this medicine’s components you should avoid starting a therapy with this drug. It is important to ask your pharmacist for a complete list of the ingredients of this remedy (Restasis) before you start using this medication. If you are suffering from any type of eye infectious medical condition you must not start using Restasis. Your physician will have to search for an alternative therapy option for your symptoms (eye dryness).

Studies have shown that Restasis is a category C FDA pregnancy remedy. In other words, although there is no proof that a therapy with this medicine may affect the development of the growing fetus, scientists are not certain that the use of this medical product will not cause any harmful effects. For this reason, most gynecologists do not approve of a therapy with Restasis in case the female patient is already pregnant. Furthermore, some physicians are known to recommend nursing mothers to discontinue breast feeding their infants during their treatment with this medicine.

Restasis Intake Guidelines

When your PD recommends you to start using this medication (cyclosporine ophthalmic), he or she will also give you a set of directions regarding your future therapy with this product. If you did not fully understand one or more of your physician’s instructions (regarding the proper administration of Restasis) you should ask for additional information. A nurse or a pharmacist may also give you important details regarding your therapy with these medical eye drops. The leaflet that comes with a pack of Restasis also contains valuable information regarding this medical product. You should carefully study it.

Before you apply a dose of this drug you should carefully turn the container upside down in order to gently mix the content (you will obtain a white solution). Pull down the lower eyelid of the affected eye and slightly tilt your head back. When you apply a dose of Restasis you should look away from the tip of the dropper. After you have squeezed the adequate number of drops (according to your physician’s dosing instructions) you should close your eyes (keep them closed for several minutes).

You should avoid contaminating the Restasis dropper as this is known to increase your chances of developing an unwanted eye infection. In other words, you must make sure that the dropper does not come into direct contact with any surface. You should take your contact lenses off before administering a dose of this drug. Wait at least 15 minutes before you put them back on.

Restasis Dosage

Although you will probably find a set of instructions regarding the most common Restasis dosages that are prescribed in certain circumstances in the medicine’s leaflet, they may not suit your condition 100%. For this reason, we strongly recommend you to seek your physician’s help in determining the adequate dose of this medicine that you will employ during your therapy with this drug. Any alterations of your dose of Restasis should only be performed under the direct supervision of your personal health care specialist.

Restasis Overdose

Overdoses with this eye medicine are very uncommon. If such a situation does occur, you should immediately clean your eye(s) with fresh water. You should report to the nearest poison control centre or to the closest emergency room; here you will receive the adequate medical care for your condition. If a patient has accidentally ingested a certain amount of Restasis, he or she should be immediately taken to the nearest hospital.

Restasis Missed Dose

Although missed doses of Restasis will not trigger any severe adverse reactions, such disruptions are known to lower the effectiveness of your therapy with this drug. You should ask your personal health care provider what to do in case such a situation occurs. The use of extra doses of this medical remedy is not recommended, as this increases the patient’s risk of developing this drug’s side effects.

Restasis Side Effects

No severe side effects have yet been associated with the regular use of this medical product (Restasis eye drops). However, some individuals who were using this medication for quite some time have accused the development of several, unpleasant clinical manifestations. The most common of them include: visual blurring, eye stinging, itching, pain, discharge, redness, burning, and so on. If you develop any of these clinical symptoms, you may continue using Restasis; however, we strongly recommend you to alert your PD.