Vidisic Eye Gel, 10 ml (Cefrimide) x 1 tube


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Generic Name: Cetrimide
Manufacturer: Berlin

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Vidisic Eye Gel, Cefrimide Uses

Substitute for lacrimal fluid in dry eye

Vidisic Eye Gel, Cefrimide Composition

Vidisic Eye Gel 1 g gel contains cetrimide 0.1 mg, carbomer, mol. weight approx. 4 million 2 mg, sorbitol 40 mg, water for injections 956.96 mg.

Vidisic Eye Gel, Cefrimide Indications

Substitute for lacrimal fluid in deficiency of tear production, dry eye.

Vidisic Eye Gel, Cefrimide Contraindications

Hypersensitivity to cetrimide.

Vidisic Eye Gel, Cefrimide Side effects

Caution: Even when administered as indicated, this product may cause a transient blurring in vision and patients should exercise caution when driving vehicles or operating machines.

Dosage and administration
Unless otherwise prescribed and according to severity and mani­festation of complaints, instil 1 drop into conjunctival sac 3-5 times or more frequently during day and before retiring for night.
Do not use Vidisic whilst wearing contact lenses.

Vidisic gel can be instilled as drops and is thus easy and comfortable to use. When instilling, hold the tube in an upright position so that a small drop, which falls easily from the tip, is formed. Due to its high viscosity Vidisic gel is also particularly suitable for the treatment of severe symptoms of dry eye. A protective film of considerable adhesive power and duration id formed, keeping the cornea and conjunctiva moist for some time, so that in severe cases relatively few applications (an average of 4- 5 per day) are sufficient to provide relief and bring about improvement,

Vidisic gel is very well tolerated; it has a refreshing, cooling action and can safely be used according to requirement or more frequently.

Special remarks
As with all ophthalmic preparations, discard one month after opening. Do not store at temperatures above 25 C.

Tube of 10 g.

Keep all medicines in a safe place and out of the reach of children!